Heart Awards

What is a Heart Award?

A Heart Award is a financial grant that is awarded to a youth or group of youth that have demonstrated character in overcoming challenges, and have a passion in improving their lives or communities.

The financial grant amount is $500 and is used to fund a project that youth choose that will improve their lives or communities.

The Heart Awards are also meant to inspire other youth and the greater community to also find the means and courage to improve their communities. This is accomplished by entering the Heart Award project in local papers, and documenting and sharing the stories on videos.

How does a youth apply for and receive a Heart Award?

Youth submit an application answering questions about the challenges they have overcome in life, how that has shaped their character, and what project or endeavor they would like to pursue to further improve their life or community.

The board then selects finalists and interviews them and finally selects a winner.

The board works with the winning youth or group to execute their project.

Generally, the application is performed in a “closed” process in which the board works with a community organization such as a church, non-profit, or school and the youth in the said programs apply.

We currently serve youth in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. You may contact any of the board members on the “Contact Us” page to inquire about applying for an award.

Previous Winners

You can see our previous winners on the “Past Award Recipients” page.