An I Got Heart board member visits with STARS students to hear their stories, count the books they obtained through the book drive (over 230!), and present them with a $500 check that they will be donating to cancer patients at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center:

Some quotes from the students while collecting books and giving them to the patients at Johns Hopkins:

“This was an event that makes you appreciate life.” – Donald

“Looking at the faces of not only the children, but also the parents really provided a reality uplift.” – Joseph

“This shows that the world still has heart and cares.” – Sabrina

“A lot of people need help and we can do little things to help others.” – Jessica

“It was a special moment to see the children, it moved me to tears.  Despite what they (the patient) are going through, they still have hope.” – Jasmine

They can’t keep a straight face for pictures … :)

Here we go … with some of their hard-earned books for cancer patients!

And the check they received from I Got Heart to be donated to the cancer patients.

Stay tuned to videos from the interviews to hear about their stories and how meaningful this project is for them.